My life has changed extensively due to the work and support of Gail McManus’s expertise, care and guidance. I can, with absolute certainty say, it is because of our work together I am able to have a loving partnership. I am learning how to connect more intimately in friendships and with my child. I have more trust in myself and it reflects in my interactions with others as well as my ability to move forward with my life in positive ways. The work of Marshall Rosenberg (NVC) is, in my opinion, one of the highest spiritual paths a person can follow, and Gail McManus knows how to help us receive the gifts of this evolutionary phase of human exchange.”
– Kimberly, Practice Group Participant and private client

“My husband and I have had the privilege of having Gail McManus as our therapist as a couple and as individuals for at least two years. Prior to Gail, as a couple and individually we have had many previous therapists, and therefore experienced multiple therapeutic modalities. Gail has always come through for us in a way that, when we leave her cozy little house, we love each other and ourselves a little bit more, and ultimately a lot more. Admittedly this is hard work, but Gail has been both patient and encouraging as we have struggled through our anger and our pain and our lonely isolation. If you are willing to work hard and want to grow beyond your most raw anger and pain, sign up for Gail. Gail is generous with her time and flexible with her fees. This is a loving, safe, and dynamic environment where you will learn to connect to your self and your partner with compassion and respect.”

–Jamie, Private Client

“Gail is a wonderful communicator and mediator, exceptionally skilled in Non Violent Communication. She is patient and calm and works through the most difficult of personal issues with ease. She has an incredible way of allowing both parties to feel heard in mediation and resolve disputes with empathy and compassion and is a wonderful teacher and coach in Non Violent Communication. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their own inner turmoil or with a communication problem with someone else.”

–Linda, Practice Group Participant and Private Client

WOW, I am amazed! I used to think that in order to succeed in negotiations like this one, I had to prove that I was right or prove a point… Now I see that the tools I’m learning at NVC make it so much easier and I don’t feel like I’m manipulating anyone… I felt more at ease and in acceptance about whatever the outcome would be…I am SO grateful for this practice and your leadership!
–Sarah, Practice Group Participant and Private Client

“Gail was just spectacular on Monday in the sense of being intimate, vulnerable and joyful as she led us through an exercise to bring that nasty habit of judgment into our consciousness and to transform it into ”human exchange.”
– Cathy, Practice Group participant

“The workshop offered me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of empathy. I found that to be very helpful. I felt comfortable and connected during the sessions because Gail took the time to check that I was following and understood what was being covered.”
– Martin, NVC workshop participant

“In a very short amount of time you modeled for me the awesome power of NVC. I have never felt that ‘heard’ or ‘understood’ in my whole life. It is my desire to learn how to be that present and empathic with others and myself. I would love to be a part of your NVC group to learn all I can.”
– Jessica, Practice Group Participant

“Gail helped us immensely to connect with each other and communicate with each other, so that we both felt heard and listened to. She helped us to stay focused and brought us back when we got lost in judgments and fears.”
– Ayesha, after Parent/ Child Mediation

I feel very hopeful and optimistic today, in part as a result of the freedom that yesterday’s experience with you provided for me…. The overall experience meets my need for honesty, connection and trust…. I feel so much better than before.
– Ira, Practice Group participant and private client

“Your session was very well received and we hope we can stay in touch with you about future possibilities.”
– Sarah, Waldorf School Administrator

“It (Nonviolent Communication mediation agreement) is working, I have a good feeling about us, working together….. Thank you for your beautiful work.”
– Liza, Kindergarten teacher

“This process is amazing! I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to retrain myself. Having what is actually going on in another human being clearly reflected back to me is helping me let go of misguided interpretations and replace them with compassion and empathy.”
– Juliana, Practice Group participant

“Thanks so much for the session last evening!  Your facilitation is very helpful to me — a relatively new NVC convert.  You are a very gracious giver.”
— Karyn, Practice Group participant

“The work you do is powerful! I hope you feel fulfilled serving humanity in the gracious way that you do.”
— Tom, Practice Group participant

“I really enjoyed our meeting today! Thanks for modeling for me great communication.”
– Ellen, Practice Group participant

“…Last night facilitated so much learning for me. And it was also very cozy and comfortable which I think in itself facilitates learning… So thank YOU!”
– Nancy, Practice Group participant and private client

“After many years of self and relationship exploration through workshops, different healing modalities and therapies I met Gail. Within a few sessions she gave me a new perspective on how to both listen and share with other people that has been transforming my life. The skills are simple, direct and relevant, the practice is worth continuing for a lifetime and Gail as a guide is one of the most present, patient and wise people I have had the gift of being guided by. I recommend Gail McManus to anyone ready to fine tune their authentic communication both internally and with others, to meet conflict with grace and clarity, and to learn to transform relationship strife into an opportunity for greater intimacy.”
 Terra, Practice Group Participant

“During Practice sessions, Gail models for us the very core of NVC…. She gently leads us on to satisfying and peaceful ways to relate with others. I am being healed.”  – Lashoma, Practice Group Participant



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